Information for The Global Game(s).

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Information for The Global Game(s).

Post by DeamonAndae19 on Thu Apr 26, 2012 1:45 am

Mission Statement:-

The Global Game(s) main intention are to give members something to do while they wait for their friends/RP partners to reply, the game(s) will run for as long as this site still has members, and all users of Fable are urged to join in, with the aim of building up a roleplaying relationship with other members of Fable.


1. GM word is law (DeamonAndae19, Kyrisse, Shaunti, TempR and MelodicCreation)

2. ALL characters MUST be POSTED AND ACCEPTED, before a character sheet can be generated.

2. No Godmodding, ALL posts CANNOT be edited by anyone other than staff after GM action has been taken, doing so will incur a penalty on your characters.

3. No rolling your own dice, or the dice of another user, UNLESS you are a member of Fable staff, and then you can roll the dice of a lower level member, and another Staff member.

4. Ensure that you do not interfere in another player's actions, UNLESS, that action is aimed at your own character.

5. ALL actions for a turn must be taken in THE SAME post, once you have posted, that is the end of that turn (No-more than 20 turns per 24 hours)

6. REMEMBER, no statistical rolls will ever be the same EVERY SINGLE roll, as rolls are mostly random.

7. Players may edit their Skills and Inventory sets on their CS, but ONLY with Staff approved information, NO adding of items that you HAVE NOT been told to add, meaning, if your character DOES NOT own an item/skill, it WILL NOT appear in your CS

8. NO MEMBER WILL GENERATE THEIR OWN CS, this will be done by an Admin, in order to ensure that ALL characters have the proper statistics before the activation of a Character Sheet.

9. Have Fun
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