The Last Survivors - A Vampire RP

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The Last Survivors - A Vampire RP

Post by Alucard on Sat Apr 28, 2012 4:21 am

We had been warned for centuries about them—vampires. But no one in the modern world believed something that seemed so unfathomable. The mere idea that an immortal creature of the night could actually exist seemed preposterous to modern scientific sensibilities. But often times fiction becomes reality. First they blended into the human world using a strict structure to make sure that anyone who dared think of them as more than mere fiction characters would seem like a lunatic. Through politics they slowly took control of things, sending the world economy into a downward spiral. Then they struck, revealing their existence and enslaving humans—making us into their cattle.

Now a majority of the human cities have been abandoned. New York, Dublin, London, Ketchikan and the capitol of Transylvania are all that remains of the human cities. Those of us who resist dwell in the old, crumbling cities. We do our best to stay alive but they consider us stray cattle and hunt us.

I come here to my old martial arts school hoping to find perhaps even one of my students or anyone alive who might have taken refuge here. It's a slim chance. It has been four months since I've been here.


*Fei slowly, quietly slides the door of his old martial arts school open, closing it as he enters with just as much care. He is dressed in a white, dirty t-shirt, black faded jeans, a leather jacket and dirty sneakers. His hair is slicked back and tied into a Chinese braid. His school is spacious with mats lining the gym floor, a ring, octagon, punching bags and various exercise equipment.


*He speaks quietly, cautiously and yet loud enough so that if someone is in the building they will most likely hear him. Slowly he moves forward.*

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