Genesis: A Post-Apocalyptic RP [Interest Check]

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Genesis: A Post-Apocalyptic RP [Interest Check]

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October 13, 3482 CE, Earth.
A series of earthquakes and eruptions shook the world. Land became more unstable and temperatures fluctuated at erratic rates.

May 27, 3517 CE, Earth.
Dust covered much of the sky. Waters have been polluted. The levels of toxins in the air rose to unprecedented levels. It is extremely cold and strange things are happening. Much of humanity has been wiped out. New creatures have appeared. What they are and how they came to be is unknown. They have been named Demons.

April 1, 3698 CE, North America.
The numbers and sizes of fissures in the Earth’s crust have increased. Unknown, gasses have escaped into the atmosphere giving the air new qualities and attributes as well. New mutant creatures and species, mutated by unknown particles in the air, have been born of the original creatures on earth. It is suspected that the unknown qualities of the air have affected them. There has been a change in the human survivors on the surface. They’re abilities have improved.

December 1, 1 PA, Aurora.
Humans are beginning to repopulate themselves. An organized group has risen up, they call themselves Genesis. They have built a special building that rises up from the ground, among the ruins of the other buildings, and it is their headquarters. They have proposed a project called the Phoenix Project.


The story so far:

Genesis has begun the Phoenix Project, their main project. They have built multiple bases all over the world, but it is centered in the former United States. There are three races, Surfacers, Settlers, and Hybrids. The Surfacers were relocated into separate bases from the Settlers, because many Settlers were uncomfortable with the idea of living with surfacers who still looked human, but were mutated to be more powerful. Each base is like an underground town, and the entrance is above ground. The entrance is connected by a shaft that slopes down till it reaches the actual base. The shaft has several gates and interlocking doors within it to keep everyone safe. As people from different bases traveled and traded, Surfacers and Settlers began to intermingle. Surfacers were taught to use some of the Settlers’ advanced technology, and Surfacers and Settlers had offspring together. Their offspring, who were a mix of Surfacer and Settler, were known as Hybrids. Demon Hunters protect (and travel between) the bases.

Demon Hunters are a mix of bounty hunters, mercenaries, hunters, and guardians. Their main job is to hunt demons, but many include protecting bases and assisting people (usually for a small fee) as part of their duties. Some Demon Hunters do their best to clear out the demons near the base even though they aren’t paid as much after their first twenty kills. Whether directly, or indirectly, Demon Hunters protect people and the bases. The weakest demons in the area are usually the closest to the bases. The strongest demons know better, and keep their distance; otherwise they would be targeted by several Demon Hunters rather quickly. The weakest demons are left for the Demon Hunter Trainees to train, kill, and form contracts with.

Observant people have noticed that the demons are constantly evolving. They are learning, adapting, and growing stronger. Proof of that is that they have learned to communicate. Some demons have become very analytical and have become capable of making logical decisions. These developments have caused a variety of responses. Some people are not worried about the developments, some are extremely worried because of this, and others look at the developments with delight. Whenever something abnormal happens, there are bound to be rumors. Rumors spread, they always do, and there are always so many rumors. Many bizarre rumors are circulating the bases about this situation.

It is whispered that Genesis has something to do with the abnormalities. A ridiculous rumor! Why would Genesis do something like that? Their priority, after all, is the Phoenix Project. Genesis and the Twelve Pillars have ignored the rumors. They continue to relocate survivors, construct bases, and supply everyone with much needed supplies. The demons becoming more intelligent would interfere with their goals. Plus, Genesis pays all Demon Hunters for the demons they kill. The prices go up with strength, if there are stronger demons around, Genesis will have to pay the Demon Hunters more. Why would they want that?

As previously mentioned, there are many rumors. Some people believe the developments are an effect of the strange, unknown gasses still in the atmosphere. Many logical people believe that the developments are caused by survival of the fittest. They use examples from the past such as bacteria that became resistant to antibiotics. Whatever the reason, demons have been left to the Demon Hunters. Unfortunately things can get worse, they usually do. Bases have begun to see demon attacks that may become more frequent. Reinforcements, supply lines, and transporters are also beginning to be targeted. The headquarters of Genesis, the Origin, is no longer open to the public.

Character Sheet:


Demon Character Sheet:



A Guide to Aurora:
Demon Hunters

There are four classes of Demon Hunters: magi, fighters, rangers, and tamers. Demon Hunters are technically employed by Genesis, but they are their own force and they are not managed by Genesis. They are paid for their kills. They are in the business of demons. Demon Hunters can take jobs from other groups and they are like bounty hunters in some ways. Demon Hunters travel between and protect the bases. Demon Hunters are independent people; they are trained and educated in the ways of Demon Hunters. They are not as organized as an army and many come and go as they please. Demon Hunters are not known as ruthless people, though. Many of the Demon Hunters help others out, indirectly or directly and being a Demon Hunter is considered an honorable profession by most people. People of any race or background can become a Demon Hunter. Demon Hunters can form contracts with demons, who will obey orders to some degrees. A Demon Hunter can only have one contracted demon at a time. The Demon Hunters are usually skilled in some form of Magic and people who have been Demon Hunters are usually the only people who know how to use magic. Demon Hunters have something of a uniform, but it is not mandatory to wear your uniform.

Demon Hunter Trainees

Demon Hunters begin their training at twelve years of age. They are taught about demons, weapons, and magic. They are taught the basics such as: how to hold weapons, how to aim, how the weapon works, how to use magic, and what magic is. There are lectures on behavior and caution like usual. Even though there isn’t an actual rule about protecting people, they are taught to protect the people who live in the bases and respect those who are more powerful than they. When they reach the age of fifteen, they are allowed to request a certain Demon Hunter Trainer, but their request might be rejected and if it is, they will be assigned to a Demon Hunter Trainer. They are given a simple blade or handgun and the rest they will have to pay for themselves. Trainees usually don’t have armor and they will wear regular clothes until they can afford equipment and upgrades.

Demon Hunter Trainers

Demon Hunter Trainers are people who have gone through a qualification examination and volunteer to care for Trainees. They require a large amount of experience, responsibility, strength, and knowledge among other things. They are capable and they must take care of more than one trainee at a time since there aren’t all that many Trainers around in comparison to the number of Trainees. Trainers usually have been Demon Hunters for a long time. Being a DH Trainer is hard work because of the necessity of protecting the Trainees. Trainers must teach the Trainees and help them gain experience in battle and see to it that the skills of the trainees develop. Most Demon Hunter Trainers have lost Trainees and some people feel guilty about it and return to being just a Demon Hunter.

Demon Hunter Uniform

The Demon Hunter uniform is a black and silver jacket. It has a hidden zipper that goes up the front. The jacket has a loose collar and has the Demon Hunter crest over their heart. The pockets have a zipper to help ensure that nothing falls out. Underneath the jacket is a black skin-tight turtleneck top with long sleeves. Long dark pants, a sturdy belt, and combat boots make up the bottom half of the uniform. Every Demon Hunter gets a couple of pouches to store their items; these pouches can be attached to the belt. Depending on a person’s class they’ll get something with the Demon Hunter Crest for their weapon. This uniform is supplied by the Demon Hunter Association.


Genesis pays Demon Hunters for killing demons. Every Saturday night, at exactly midnight, the payments for the kills are deposited into each Hunter’s bank account. The kills that are made on Pay Day are paid for on the next Saturday. The worth of the kill depends on the Genesis’ ranking on how dangerous the demon is. Only the first twenty kills for a Demon Hunter in the day are paid for in full price. After the first twenty kills, the pay is halved. Demon Hunters always have some kind of Arm Terminal with them. The Arm Terminal has a built-in scanner that quickly scans the demon after it has been killed, identifies the demon, identifies who fought it, and then records the information so that it is impossible to cheat Genesis. The Arm Terminals automatically send the information to the nearest base’s computer to be sent to Genesis. An operative with the Origin will drop by on Saturday and bring the payment and it will be added to the Demon Hunter’s account when midnight strikes. The operative will return to the Origin until the next time. The Operative travels through the teleporters in order to be sure that the payment will reach its destination without a problem or delay caused by a demon attack. Money needs to be saved though, because supplies from Genesis are not cheap.


Demons are the bizarre mutations of the old creatures that used to live on this world. There are some that are humanoid that stopped being what they once were and they have changed a bit appearance wise. Some of the demons have inherited magical abilities and others have learned to use magic, but not all demons know magic. Most demons have a very limited intelligence. The only reason they would be almost as smart as, or smarter than humans would be if they have been contracted for a long time then released (with no feelings of love for the humans) or abandoned. The more powerful the demon is, the more likely it becomes that they are intelligent. Some demons were spawned from some of the released demons and so they are born with a higher intelligence. Most demons hold ill will to humans though there are some that just don’t care to deal with humans. The territorial demons can be extremely dangerous. There are many species of demons and each species is different from the other.


Contracting utilizes a type of binding magic. When a human forms a contract with a demon, the demon finds that it has to obey the commands of the person they contracted. Oftentimes the contract has to be forged when the demon is brought slowly to near death and it’s only other option is death, if it agrees to the contracting magic automatically puts a shield around the human and the demon who are forging the contract. A band of runes will appear around the demon and the human and the demon. Should the demon accept the contract, the band of runes around the demon will form a collar around its neck. The runes will flow into the human’s right hand and create a contract seal. The glowing runes will fade and then turn invisible until it’s activated. If the demon tries to disobey a command the contractor can force it to do the action because of the contract. When a demon is first contracted it fights at half of its power. As it learns to trust its contractor, it begins to use more of its abilities till it fights using its all by its contractor’s side. A Demon Hunter can only have one contract at a time. Demon Hunters can only form contracts with demons; they cannot form contracts with a human.


There are four classes for Demon Hunters. Hunters can have more than one class, but there are some downsides to having more classes. Most of these classes can be chosen just because it suits a person’s style and personality. The good thing about the classes, is that there isn’t a complete ban on what class a person can be. Having more classes also has some downsides. People with two classes cannot develop them as far as someone who focuses on only one class. Each class has its own unique strengths and weaknesses.

Magi – The magi use magic abilities to fight demons. Magic is a bit tricky and this magic, unlike most of the magic in the stories is closer to psychic abilities. It takes a little bit to load a spell, and the length of time it takes depends on a person’s focus and concentration as well as skill.

Fighter – They like melee weapons and are the close combat fighters. They tend to be physically fit and they are most likely to take more damage than a ranged fighter. They are the one close combat fighting group. The fighter class is more like a brawler class, there are no set styles and this class is rather generalized.

Ranger – Bows and arrows no longer exist, well, they are extremely rare. Rangers usually carry firearms with them rather than the bows and arrows of the old Earth. Rangers tend to have very good eyesight and have good hand-eye coordination. They must carry ammo with them of course; it isn’t surprising to see rangers dropping by gun stores often.

Tamer – Tamers usually have only one contracted demon, but they manage to have more demons with them by inspiring a great amount of loyalty in a demon so that it will stay and obey commands even when it is no longer bound by a contract. The contracted demon becomes more like a pet and will fight its master’s battles and be the master’s companion. Tamers rely on the demons they have and are not very strong without their demons usually.


It has been a couple of centuries after the end began. The people of this time all have developed an extremely powerful regenerative ability that keeps them from dying the minute they step outside of bases. There are three races now: Surfacer, Hybrid, and Settler. They have all grown up in different environments, but they were brought together by the creation of the organization known as Genesis. These three races have differences in abilities with their own upsides and downsides.

Surfacer – They have lived on the surface and survived since everything fell to chaos. They have been mutated by the gases of the earth’s surface somewhat, but they still appear to be humans. Their abilities have grown and they are faster, stronger, smarter, etc than the humans before the chaos. Surfacers and Settlers did not get along very well for awhile. Now most of them are good with Settlers and Hybrids, there are still some who hate Settlers and Genesis, though they will not mention the Genesis part especially if they are a Demon Hunter. There are still some Surfacers scattered across the world.

Hybrid – The Hybrids were born of Surfacers and Settlers, it is the newest of the races. The Hybrids are the offspring of Settlers and Surfacers, but they are different from the other two races in their own ways. They are the object of love and hate. Because they are different, they sometimes attract the hate of the few Settlers and Surfacers who look at them as mutts, the dirty half-blood offspring of another race. Hybrids naturally possess the powerful regenerative abilities of Surfacers. The Hybrids are not as intelligent as the Settlers, and they are not as physically powerful as Surfacers, but they are well-balanced and well-rounded.

Settler – They were born of survivors that had prepared beforehand and had hidden underground. The Surfacers never knew of their existence until they emerged a little over two centuries later and built the Origin and Genesis. The Settlers spent their time learning and putting their knowledge to preserving the past and advancing technology. When they surfaced they brought with them highly advanced technology and a wealth of knowledge. They began educating Surfacers. Settlers have a greater intelligence than Surfacers, and are still human in physical abilities, but they can train themselves to be rather capable. They have given some of their technology to Surfacers and have taught them how to use some of their technology. They have also found a way to boost their regeneration abilities so that they are capable of surviving in the surface environment like the other races. Their technology and intelligence can and does make up for their lack of physical prowess, but most choose peaceable lives that have little to do with demons. They are the vast majority within Genesis and the Origin.


Genesis is an organization that was formed by Settlers when they surfaced. The settlers already had plans for Genesis and the Phoenix Project before they even surfaced though. They aim to return the world to what it once was and rebuild once again. Genesis is a very big organization and its headquarters is the Origin. The Origin is said to be the place they emerged from. No one other than the higher-ups in Genesis knows what lies beneath the ground. Genesis has twelve powerful people who control it. They are known as the Twelve Pillars, but nothing else is known about them. Genesis supplies the bases and pays the Demon Hunters with the currency they created. People have Genesis to thank for their relatively comfortable lifestyles. They have freedom, they are provided for, they have jobs, they have protectors, what more could they want?

Phoenix Project

The Phoenix Project is the project that is Genesis’ most important project. The goal of this project is to allow humanity to rise from its ashes anew like a phoenix. That is how it came to get its name. Part of the project is building bases, providing education, selling supplies, making life better, bringing peace and order to people’s lives, and many other things. It also includes removing the threats of demons, getting the world back on its feet, set up sewage lines and water lines, making space for new survivors, finding survivors, keeping people healthy, and avoiding plagues and famine. They intend to preserve humanity and they help by keeping people united by a single goal.

The Origin

The Origin is a massive building built upon the site where the Settlers surfaced. It is where Genesis originated, and it is their headquarters. It has twelve towers that are connected from underground and by a few suspended walkways. People use teleporters to get from place to place there. It has a central building that grows increasingly narrower as it grows taller and it seems to have a spiraling incline all the way up to the top. At the very top of the center building, known as Anhur, rests the globe. The entire Origin is shielded by magical energy, where this energy comes from, is unknown. There are no doors that lead into the Origin, the only way to enter is through egg-shaped teleporters that rest upon raised, solid stone platforms. The Teleporters can only be activated with special cards that are received after filling out quite a bit of paperwork that must be approved. The people who work there, live there as well, it is like an enormous, more organized, base.

The Globe

The globe is shielded by magical energy which is channeled from the twelve towers and the most powerful energy source comes from the center building itself. The magical energy protects the globe and keeps it afloat on the air. It is like Genesis’ pride. It is guarded by an elite force known as Atlas, nothing is known about Atlas currently. The Twelve Pillars meet in the core, which is the small center of the globe. The Globe has twelve connections between the tops of the twelve towers and the globe. Everything is run by the Twelve Pillars and the core is pretty much the head and the brain of Genesis.

The Twelve Pillars

The Twelve Pillars are the twelve leaders of Genesis. They know all the secrets of Genesis and they control the entire organization. They command Atlas directly, but no one has seen or heard of any Atlas operative. The twelve pillars make the decisions about the phoenix project and they handle anything of importance. Each of the twelve pillars live in a tower. Each tower is dedicated to them. Not much is known about them or their entire duties.


This regenerative ability is kept in check by a highly acidic gas that dissolves the cells of living creatures. The regenerative ability is only strong enough to regenerate the rapidly dissolving tissue, so whenever one is outdoors or in an environment with that gas, injuries are not healed unless they are covered and protected from the gas. A person’s regenerative ability can weaken or become stronger depending on the person’s physical state and their state of mind. If a person’s regenerative ability weakens enough, a person might find themselves slowly dissolving and they will constantly feel the sensation of their body slowly dissolving from the outside to the core. It is important to stay healthy and active in this new world.

Demon Hunter Association

The Demon Hunter Association has organized the Demon Hunters and controls it as an organization. They design the uniforms the ranking and everything else. The association makes the rules for the Demon Hunters. They set limits to Demon Hunter abilities and keep everything organized and decent. They set up the education program and put people who wish to become Demon Hunter Trainers through rigorous exams. They make sure that Demon Hunters do not turn people into their targets and decide the qualifications for different ranks and jobs. They have also set the standard and created the ranking system.


Bases are like underground towns in a cement container. Despite the fact that it’s underground, the bases constantly have fresh air. Each base has its own eco-friendly generators, apartments, shops, restaurants, hospitals, schools, sewage systems, waterlines, and everything else that’s necessary. They buy food supplies and weapons from Genesis, but no one complains since Genesis uses that money to go make more supplies for them and studies ways to make the people’s lives better. Everything is eco-friendly to avoid polluting the base’s air. Bases have their own safety measures for things like demon attacks or pollution. Each base has its entrance above ground. The entrance is connected to the base by a long slanting shaft with several interlocking doors and gates. Each Base has its own guards that protect it and help keep the peace. If someone enters a base their regeneration is no long affected by the gas that dissolves living cells because that gas is kept out of the bases.

  • This can either be a casual or a free rp.
  • I am in no ways confident that I would be a good gm who could make an interesting game for you.
  • I worked hard on this idea, and don't want to waste it. If someone thinks they can make an interesting rp/plot off this idea, then they can take the idea and make a spin off or set up some other rp in the world of aurora (I'd also like to find a better name for it).
  • I do have an idea for the plot so...
  • I'm very open to ideas or suggestions.
  • PM me if you want. I do check for PMs.


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