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About Drageloc

Post by Drakel on Mon Apr 30, 2012 11:09 pm

LINK; Drageloc, The Website.

Site Information; Drageloc is a Website that started off as an idea, "The Realm Drageloc" which was created as an RP realm, created by Drakel but helped by many others who were in the original RPs. Drageloc the website was also created as a hangout for people to relax and talk about certain subjects like mythology, fantasy, media, cultural, and other subjects and share opinions or "personal reviews" of something. Drageloc Varies more on subjects to talk about and is less concentrated then Fable, but in it's own way it's concentration at the same time.

Over all Drageloc is separated by six topics... Each of which talk about a certain subject. So Drageloc is Pretty organized even though it Varies in categories to talk in.

Drageloc is a nice, settle community that is willing to give a warm welcoming from even it's Admin and owner, who will listen whenever anyone is willing to talk and is active enough to talk on Drageloc's Chatbox. It may be a small-ish site now but Drakel (me), the owner and some of the mods do have high expectations for it to eventually grow into a major website.

This is Drakel, Telling you that this site is your Ally, and Allies are YOUR friends. Hug

MY Website and Fable's Ally; drageloc.forumotion.com

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