Arrival of a Guest (Final Fantasy VIII Fandom IC)

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Arrival of a Guest (Final Fantasy VIII Fandom IC)

Post by Kyrisse on Tue May 01, 2012 2:08 am

If you're new and aren't familiar with how the roleplays go here, please make sure to check out the following...
Click here for the Interest Check thread.
Check out the characters in the OOC Thread.

NOTE: I'm not strict on how many paragraphs you can post. But please stay within the guidelines indicated in Casual Roleplay.


A woman with black hair streaked with brown woke up on the small ledge of a horseshoe shaped lake. She looked around and noted clear water flowing northwards to a canyon. The water's sound was calming and she stayed there staring at it for a while. But realizing that she was all alone and that she had no idea where she was, she stood up. She dusted herself and adjusted the black leather jacket she was wearing. She bent down and picked up a gunblade that was resting on the ground a few inches away from where she was laying down earlier. Griever's profile was etched on either side of the blade. Attached to the hilt of the gunblade was a chain possessing a representation of Griever's bust on its end. The gunblade looked heavy but it seemed like the woman carried it with ease.

With a last look on the clear, flowing water, the woman left the small ledge and walked south until she came to a city with a railroad passing through it. The place was familiar to her but she couldn't quite remember if she had been there before. Everything looked strange and new. She looked around and her gaze fell on Aphorora Pub located near the Railroad station. She walked into it and saw several people gathered in it. A tall man wearing a cream colored over-coat with tails that extended behind the knees, a high collar and a patch with gold designs on his shoulders was leaning back on the counter. His left foot, encased in a black knee-high boot, was tapping along to the fast paced music playing in the pub. On his head was a cream colored headband. His gaze went automatically to the woman that walked in. He studied her and noted that she carried a gunblade very similar to that of Balamb Garden’s head SeeD, Squall Leonheart. He also noted that she looked uncannily like Squall. He walked up to her.

“Hello there, miss. You seem lost.” He greeted her.

The woman looked up at the White SeeD. “Do I look that way?”

“It seems so. Maybe I can help you. My name’s Kreiss Villier.” he extended a hand to her.

The woman looked uncertain for a moment before she spoke. “Rhys Leonheart.” she took the hand extended to her and gave it a firm shake.

“Leonheart.” The White SeeD looked thoughtfully at Rhys. “By any chance are you related to Squall Leonheart?”

“Squall Leonheart....” she paused. The name sounded familiar. Her brows furrowed as if she was trying to remember something important. “I…don’t know. Maybe. I don’t remember much except for my name…” she looked confused.

Kreiss blinked. She looked genuinely confused but he couldn’t rule out the fact that she might still be a spy. “Maybe I should bring you over to Balamb Garden then. There are people there who might be able to help you.” He suggested. Maybe Squall would know who she was. If she was a spy, then Balamb would hold her captive.

Rhys looked thoughtful as she considered Kreiss’ suggestion. But soon she nodded in consent. “Okay.”

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